Poem For Sale


Poem for sale

(One careful owner)

With simile,

(As lucky as a dime)

Two exquisite

And erudite adjectives

And one rhyme


For a song



I Did Not Eat The Goldfish

by Roger Stevens


Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books


ISBN: 0330397184


Find out who did eat the goldfish and what Judy really thinks about chasing sticks. Laughter, sadness, life and death. It's all here.


In his fantastic first collection Roger Stevens covers it all: Space, football, pets, parents, school, love, death and stick insects! His poems are a wonderful mix of laughter and sadness. Packed with useful information, they will stay with you long after you have put this book down!

- Children's Poetry Bookshelf


Amusing and clever, as well as touching.
- Book Fest

 The poet exudes word energy, fresh humour and quirky originality
Junior Education


Out of print! But try amazon.co.uk where you may still be able to find a copy.